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At the end of every Kindermusik class, we sing a goodbye song.

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However, it doesn’t mean that’s the end of Kindermusik for the week. Instead, it marks the beginning of bringing Kindermusik outside the classroom into a family’s everyday routines and rituals. So, while we sing goodbye to this year’s We Love Kindermusik week, we thought it only fitting to give families the gift of more music to continue the SINGING and music-making and LOVE throughout the rest of the month year!

Free #KindermusikMovesMe Playlist

KindermusikMovesMe-Logo-Hashtag-2331x869-2331x869The FREE #KindermusikMovesMe Playlist features five of our favorite Kindermusik love songs. After all, that’s what We Love Kindermusik week is all about–Love & Kindermusik! So go ahead…Download this mini-playlist of 5 FREE Songs and spread the love!

  • I Love My Family
  • You Are My Sunshine
  • Everybody Loves Baby
  • Is This Love?
  • Love Somebody

To download, click this link and then select the orange download button. If you’re new to the site, you may need to register to receive the free album, as all our song downloads do require a login. (Don’t worry, we don’t use your information on anything. This login feature is designed for those enrolled in Kindermusik classes to access their digital materials). Upon login, you should be able to quickly download the album to your computer.

Let We Love Kindermusik Week never end! Download the free #KindermusikMovesMe playlist today!


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“I love Kindermusik because it settles the perfect conditions for grownups and children, strangers and friends, to play together as a bunch of friends!” ~ Miss Vane “It brings together my two greatest loves; music and children.” ~ Johanna Clancy “I love Kindermusik because they treat each educator like family! One of my teachers passed away and I received a sympathy card signed by
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As a parent or an early childhood teacher, we encounter so many moments we want to hold in our hearts forever. We hope to always remember the way our baby felt snuggled in our arms or those chunky little toddler legs or the sounds of a roomful of little music makers. At Kindermusik, we are in the memory-making business and we want to capture them
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“Kindermusik started as a way for my daughter and I to spend an hour a week focused just on each other. Not only is it still that, it’s a chance for her to shine each week, have my undivided attention, and for me to experience the joy of childhood through her eyes.  We love our weekly Kindermusik classes!” ~Allie B. “When I went to
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It was a simple concept, really, this idea for a WE LOVE KINDERMUSIK Week. It was born out of an increasing recognition of just how many of us – educators, children, and families – have been touched by being a part of something that’s more than just a curriculum or a weekly activity. The idea came to life as we reflected on just how
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This week, Kindermusik educators all around the world have been celebrating “We Love Kindermusik” week.  Helen Peterson, Kindermusik educator extraordinaire and owner of Kindermusik of the Valley in Minnesota, turned We Love Kindermusik into an extra special week that celebrated not only the love she shares for Kindermusik, but also gave the Kindermusik families in her program a tangible way to show their love
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