Here are a dozen reasons why families enrolled in Kindermusik (just like you!) love Kindermusik@Home.

12 Reasons Why Parents Love Kindermusik@Home

  1. Easy access—available from any smart phone, tablet, laptop or computer so the learning can happen anywhere at anytime.
  2. Go-to and trusted source for “play time” ideas for you and your child to do together, both online and offline.
  3. Introduces children to technology in an age-appropriate and family-friendly way that encourages hands-on learning.
  4. Adds new stories, games, and music! to your family’s expanding library that grows with your child and is specifically designed to reach those early childhood milestones, from birth to 7 years old.
  5. Provides inspiration for “together time” through dance and movement activities, focused listening games, video field trips, find-it/count-it style activities, and more!
  6. Connects your classroom learning with your family’s daily routines and rituals.
  7. Gives you the ability to do activities offline, including providing printable activity pages and lyrics pages for all of the songs.
  8. Why It’s Good for Your Child” area provides you with expert advice and educational insight behind the activities.
  9. Music downloads: songs, rhymes, stories and sounds from class.
  10. Literature book in eBook format encourages early literacy and language development and can be read anywhere.
  11. Supports a parent’s role as a child’s first and best teacher.
  12. It’s fun for the whole family—now and for years to come!

How to activate Kindermusik@Home

I think you will find Kindermusik@Home easy for you. Good for your little one. Fun for all! To activate your Kindermusik@Home account, click on this link: and select “New User” to create a profile.

If you are not enrolled in a Kindermusik class, you can also give it a try for free for 14 days at That’s it!


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