Development of the BrainOne of the reasons we’re fond of saying that Kindermusik is so much more than just music is because Kindermusik benefits your child in so many more ways other than just musically.  In fact, keeping your child enrolled in Kindermusik classes is one of the very best things you can do to help your child be prepared for – and succeed in! – school.

Here are 15 ways that Kindermusik’s early childhood music and movement curriculum prepares your child to be successful in school:

1. Kindermusik develops the whole child by supporting all areas of development – musical, language, emotional, physical, social, and cognitive development.

2.  Kindermusik teaches your child to be a problem-solver.

3.  Kindermusik encourages your child to think creatively.

4.  Kindermusik gives your child practice in working cooperatively with his/her peers.

5.  Kindermusik builds the spatial-temporal and reasoning skills required for math, science, and engineering.

6.  Kindermusik develops the social and emotional skills that are essential factors in school readiness.

7.  Kindermusik helps children gain the phonological processing, spoken language, and comprehension skills that are foundational to literacy.

8.  Kindermusik teaches children the rhymes that help them become better readers.  (according to reading expert Mem Fox)

9.  Kindermusik activities help brain cells make the connections needed for nearly every kind of intelligence.

10.  Kindermusik teaches children music through the best music curriculum on the planet, and science and research continue to support the huge and lasting benefits of early childhood music study.

11.  Kindermusik gives children a pressure-free environment in which to practice and enhance their budding musical skills.  (A new study shows that music practice can actually sharpen the brain.)

12.  Kindermusik gives children the opportunity to form early and positive student-teacher relationships where they learn to listen and respect an adult other than their special adults at home.

13.  Kindermusik is focused on process, not performance, thereby nurturing a child’s self-confidence and desire to try new things.

14.  Kindermusik gradually increases your child’s independence as he/she gets older so that he can more successfully transition into the school environment.

15.  Kindermusik classes inspire a lifelong love of not just music, but also a lifelong love of learning.  Any child who loves to learn is sure to be successful in school!

Kindermusik Classes - Enroll Now - For a Child's Brain, Body, Heart & Soul

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