As an addendum to Thursday’s pointers for engaging your preschooler readers, we’re thrilled to have stumbled upon the Nature Generation’s list of “Green Earth Award” winning books for children and young adult’s literature. Recognized by the Audubon Society, these books were chosen (according to Next Generation’s founder) for their ability to “inspire a child to grow a deeper appreciation, respect, and responsibility for his or her natural environment.” Below are our personal favorites from the list of 48 selected titles. How many of these books has your family or classroom read?

10 Things I Can Do to Help My World, written and illustrated by Melanie Walsh
A Place for Birds, written by Melissa Stewart and illustrated by Higgins Bond
A Summer of Silk Moths, written by Margaret Willey
Abigale the Happy Whale written by Peter Farrelly and illustrated by Jamie Rama
All the Way to the Ocean written by Joel Harper and illustrated by Marq Spusta
Ancient, Strange and Lovely, written by Susan Fletcher
Extraordinary Endangered Animals, written by Sandrine Silhol and Gaëlle Guérive and illustrated by Marie Doucedame
Garbage Helps Our Garden Grow: A Compost Story, written by Linda Glaser and photography by Shelley Rotner
Garden of the Spirit Bear written by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent and illustrated by Deborah Milton
Generation Green: The Ultimate Teen Guide to Living an Eco-Friendly Life, written by Linda Siversten and Tosh Siversten
Get Real:  What Kind of World Are You Buying, written by Mara Rockliff
Let the River Run Silver Again! written by Sandy Burk
Let’s Save the Animals, written and illustrated by Frances Barry
Luz Sees The Light, written and illustrated by Claudia Davila
Quest for the Tree Kangaroo written by Sy Montgomery and illustrated by Nic Bishop
Redwoods, written and illustrated by Jason Chin
Riparia’s River, written by Michael J. Caduto and illustrated by Olga Pastuchiv
Saving the Buffalo written by Albert Marrin
Secrets of the Sirens, written by Julia Golding
Ship Breaker, written by Paolo Bacigalupi
The Curious Garden, written and illustrated by Peter Brown
The Last Wild Place, written by Rosa Jordan
The Sorta Sisters, written by Adrian Fogelin
Whirlwind, written by David Klass

A big thanks again to the Nature Generation for sharing this inspiring list!


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