“It began as a heartbeat and sprouted a rhyme…”  We are all musical beings.  It’s why babies respond to music in utero, why toddlers do that adorable little bounce-dance to music, and why preschoolers and big kids love to sing and play instruments.  But how exactly do you encourage that song in your child’s heart?  Here are three simple suggestions.

3 Ways to Put a Song in Any Child’s Heart

1. Sing to (and with!) your child.

Singing with MomYou may think your voice is only good enough for the shower, but to your child, your voice is the sweetest, best sound in the whole world.  Babies especially respond to the soothing sounds of the lullaby you sing, but you also model using your voice to express yourself when you sing to or with your older child.  Singing is also a great “together time” activity.  Before naps, in the kitchen, during bath time, in the car – all of these are perfect times to hum and sing along.

2. Keep the music playing.

toddler smilingWith music that streams on our phones, Internet radio stations that play our favorites at the click of a mouse, and even still some CD players in our cars, it’s easy to fill your child’s world with music.  But it does take some intentionality.  Not only will you be able to expose your child to a wide variety of music and begin to shape their musical preferences, but you can also use music to bring out a smile, inspire a cuddle, or chase away the grumpies with an impromptu dance around the kitchen.

3. Invest in some age-appropriate instruments. 

Bells, shakers, sticks, and drums… Keep some musical instruments handy, perhaps in a container near your child’s favorite basket of books.  You might be surprised at how much pure joy your child will derive from being able to make music on his own.  And when you need a fun little activity to do together, simply turn on your favorite Kindermusik song, grab some instruments, and enjoy your own little family jam!

favorite Kindermusik instrumentsHint: Need a source for some high-quality, safety-tested, age-appropriate instruments?  Look no further than the Kindermusik store online at shop.Kindermusik.com.

And when you need a little more musical inspiration…

A weekly Kindermusik class is one of the very best ways to enhance your child’s musical development and natural love of music.  You’ll be amazed at how a gently structured, delightful weekly music class will maximize the rich benefits of early music instruction and capitalize on that critical early window of opportunity.  In addition to providing a social outlet for you in a small class with friends you really get to know and enjoy, a weekly music class also gives you a lot of musical inspiration and ready resources for making music a part of your daily routine at home in between the weekly class.

Learn more about music classes for children at www.Kindermusik.com.

Contributed by Theresa Case whose award-winning Kindermusik® program at Piano Central Studios in beautiful upstate South Carolina is joyfully celebrating 20 years!

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