What’s so special about Kindermusik and summer?  Well…. everything!  Kindermusik and summer are like peanut butter and jelly. Toast and eggs. Milk and cookies. They just go together.  But why make room in your summer for Kindermusik?  Here are five reasons that you might not have thought about before now.

5 reasons to attend Kindermusik this summer

Little minds don’t take a summer break, and a summer Kindermusik class is the perfect way to keep the curiosity and learning stimulated. The combination of music and movement get those brain cells firing on all cylinders.

Little bodies stay busy year-round, and Kindermusik is a fun, let’s-be-busy-together activity for both of you. Best of all, the engagement doesn’t end when you walk out of class, your @Home Materials help you keep your child active and engaged throughout the week at home.

Little hearts crave the security of routine and predictability. Summertime is notorious for being unscheduled and non-routine, so putting a Kindermusik class in the mix can provide some much-needed structure.

Little faces need connection time – with Mom, Dad, and friends – in the rich bonding and socially nurturing environment that is Kindermusik. You’ll love the support and interaction with parents and your child will benefit from time with peers.

Little hands love the opportunity to clap, tap, explore, and play. In their Kindermusik class, they’ll have all kinds of ways to be creative with instruments and express themselves through the joy of music and music-making.

Contact your local Kindermusik educator to book your family’s musical “stay”cation at Kindermusik today!

Written by Theresa Case who has loved every minute of making a difference in the lives of children and families at Piano Central Studios for over 20 years now.

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