Baby-Safe Instruments - Tips from KindermusikNext to playing with mom, playing music is one of your baby’s favorite activities—and one of the most natural things your baby can do. Making sounds with easy-to-grasp instruments gives your baby an “I can do this” sense of accomplishment.Shaking a chime, her curiosity is instantly gratified and she’s inspired to make things happen again and again, encouraging independence and perseverance, two
important developmental skills.

Keep lots of baby-safe instruments within reach for free-play and exploration time.
For their light, high sounds, and special fit for tiny hands, some of your baby’s
favorite instruments will be:

  • Baby bells
  • Chime bells
  • Egg shakers

Kindermusik tip:

Beyond the musical benefits, playing instruments like these gives your baby the
opportunity to use his fine motor skills. Grasping instruments between the thumb
and index finger or with a fisted grasp pattern encourages the development of these important skills, which will eventually be necessary to turn a page in a favorite book, pinch cereal or peas, grasp a cup, and even hold a crayon.

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