What’s in our CEO’s fridge, you ask? The short answer? Michael Dougherty (one of 35 employee owners) bought magnificent beets and carrots from his local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) in Greensboro, North Carolina. Take a look at the picture he submitted for the Star Steward Contest!

And the long answer? Michael bought food that strengthens individual, community, and environmental health by being, well, just food. If you haven’t heard of a CSA, lettuce inform you! CSAs allow urban and suburban residents to purchase an entire season of fresh local produce. For $400-$600 a season (4-6 months), farmers deliver between 7-10 seasonal vegetables to your local pickup point each week. Each week, you’ll get what the farm has available; you could get carrots and beets one week, or potatoes and cauliflower the next. For a few extra dollars a week, you can tack on dairy, nuts, flowers, or swap the week’s vegetable for another.

How does this help farmers? Paying up front allows farmers to plan and invest in new equipment. It also eliminates the corporate supply chain so farmers get what they deserve. Finally, eating seasonal produce reduces the need for pesticides, storage treatments, and overseas shipping, which has human health and environmental benefits.Kindermusik Green - Sustainability Food, when it’s really just food, tastes better. As Michael Dougherty says, “This was our first experience with a CSA, and our experience was so positive.  We feel closer to our food.  We know where it comes from.  We understand the earth gives us certain foods at certain times – and, often, lots of it!  We appreciate what it takes to grow, care for and pick food.  We are gratified that farmers have pre-sold their food and, in turn, know their customers.” Sounds like a Star Steward to me!

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