One Laptop Per Child unveils the 3.0

The annual Consumer Electronics Show is in full swing right now in Las Vegas, unveiling all the gadgetry and geekery your heart desires. New word nerd alert: Phablets, a phone and tablet combo. A fork that tells you to slow down, a lost luggage gadget tracker, and a new iPhone case to make the metal surface more interactive on the mobile phones are among the more novel offerings, per

But we’re most curious to hear about the new leaps being made in the tablet market, and thrilled to hear how these devices are getting more kid friendly.

Check out Mashable’s picks for the latest and greatest. Meantime, we can look forward to more of the following technology in interactive learning.

  • One Laptop Per Child says its XO 3.0 tablet can be powered by solar energy, other alternative energy, and even hand-cranks. The non-profit group has been working to bring technology to every child on the planet. And while researchers are still figuring out whether or not the tablets can make a difference, the mission is noble-hearted and the electronics seem to be geek-savvy, too. We’re looking into whether these machines are ready for the consumer market, too.

  • Remember when we used rice for cooking and eating instead of drying out our soaked mobile devices? The new Fujitsu Android tablet can reportedly survive a “dip in water and a full submersion for up to 30 minutes.” Only available right now in Japan, but keep out an eye though, this could be a good option for the sippy-cups and the occasional toilet bowl swim sometime down the line.
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