I love Kindermusik because…

“My kids, now college students, took Kindermusik classes before I started to work at KI.  I love Kindermusik because it instilled in my children a love for music that continues today.  And, as an Employee Owner at KI for 20 years, I know I have had a small part in sharing that same love for music with hundreds of thousands of children and families around the world as well.” ~ Scott Kinsey, Vice President/Chief Financial Officer/Owner

Baby and mom Kindermusik class“…it brings families together and is FUN!” ~ Debby Pool, Vice President, Product Development/Owner

“I love hearing the multi-generational stories from families whose children—and now their children!—have benefited from Kindermusik. It’s very gratifying to work for a company that has made, and is continuing to make, such a positive impact on so many lives.” ~ Kelly Green, Vice President /General Manager Schools Division/Owner

“… around here, people know that children are children, people are people, and we all (including parents!) absorb, react, and engage according to our own personalities. Dancing is learning, sitting is learning, clapping is learning. Active children are learning! Shy children are learning! Giggling, bouncing, even distracted children are learning! Everyone is welcome, and every musical experience is offered with open arms and warm intentions. There is no negative here. Kids plus music, just good, good, good.” ~ Molly Dumbleton, Editorial Director/Owner

“…every day I get to help bring laughter and music into children’s lives, and that’s not bad for a day’s work.” ~ Adina Zoltan, Managing Editor/Owner

Kindermusik scarves“… of what we do for children all over the world. Music is something REALLY special — and it’s hard to imagine that music isn’t part of the lives of some children. I truly hope that one day we will, indeed, bring the gift of music (Kindermusik) into the life of every child — amazing things would happen — of that I am certain. I also <3 Kindermusik because of my fellow employee-owners and our educators. Working with and getting to know such talented and strong individuals is awe-inspiring — and — so many friendships have been made over the years — friendships that remain constant for the rest of my life — of that I am certain, as well.” ~ Connie Schor, Manager, Educator Communication/Owner

We Love Kindermusik

“Kindermusik’s approach to learning makes a difference in the lives of ALL children, ALL parents and caregivers, ALL educators.  I became a better teacher because of Kindermusik. I became a better parent because of Kindermusik. And, I’m now a better Grandparent because of Kindermusik. And yet, it’s not about me. Kindermusik grows happy, confident, successful children – and that’s what will make the difference.” ~ Carol Penney, Director of Education/Owner

“…the mission to reach children across the globe through music education is so important, especially considering its benefits and the lack of funding or support of the arts nowadays. Kindermusik’s classes bring music, love, light, family-time, and noticeably smarter and better behaved children to my family. I can’t imagine working for a better company or towards a better mission.” ~ Jamie Sterling, Director, Marketing/Owner

Mom and baby clapping“…I have seen how it changes lives; children and adults. It is neat to watch a child experience a Kindermusik class and grow before you eyes.” ~ Melanie Kennedy, Customer Solutions Manager/Owner

“Being involved with Kindermusik means I get to facilitate moments such as when I hear a two-year old say “I love you mommy” during rocking time.” ~ Julee Kowallis, Lead Mentor and Senior Fundamentals Advisor/Owner (also Kindermusik educator for 14+ years)

We Love Kindermusik

“I love Kindermusik because of our mission; our desire is to fill every child’s home worldwide with the gift of music!!!!” ~ Terry Kilgo, Manager Educator Recruiting/Owner

“It’s awesome to see many children around the world learning English through the music. Only Kindermusik has the talent to put all the pieces together in such harmony.” ~ Paula Depontes, International Director – Latin America, Central America and Caribbean/Owner

“…seeing my daughter and other children in class build on learnings from week-to-week is truly amazing. We are a musical family and value both the music and educational aspects of Kindermusik classes – and continue to be impressed with the @Home activities. I love working with such a passionate group of employee-owners and am so thankful to be part of this amazing team, changing the lives of children across the world everyday!” ~ Shellie Foriska, Manager, Online Marketing/Owner

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