Children are born trying to decipher the mystery of language from the moment they are born.  It takes children 12 to 24 months to begin speaking, yet while they are preparing for this huge leap forward, they already have some of the pieces in place.  Signing with hearing children takes advantage of their motor abilities, which develop months earlier than the equivalent skills required for speech.  Using signing in everyday interactions will help open the door to early communication, facilitated speech, increased intimacy, and long-term learning (adapted from Kindermusik Sign & Sing).

Sign language for children and babies at KindermusikIdeas for parents:

Start by incorporating just a few basic signs in your daily routines – signs such as “please,” “more,” and “all done.”  Be consistent and patient in using the signs.  Your child will likely catch on more quickly than you think!  You can both have fun adding more signs, including “thank you” and of course, “music!”  Visit to find a wonderful video-based sign language resource.  It’s quick and easy to look up – and learn! – a few signs.

You can also visit Kindermusik International’s Class Locator to find a Kindermusik educator near you offering Kindermusik Sign & Sing.

– Contributed by Theresa Case, whose Greenville, SC program, Kindermusik at Piano Central Studios, is proudly among the top 1% of Kindermusik programs worldwide.

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