Upcycle your baby clothes!

If you have clothes that are not suitable for donation…think about upcycling.

Kindermusik Star Steward Upcycles Clothing
This Kindermusik kid and her mom upcycle clothing! They re-use baby clothes by sewing them into creative outfits like this patchwork skirt.

Enhance Family Bonds

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going– for any of our U.S. East Coast families stuck inside (hopefully with power!) during the blows of Hurricane Sandy, we’re thinking of you! While power outages and being stuck at home is disruptive, Psychology Today points us to the silver lining: how to use hurricane preparation to enhance family bonds. Among these pointers, we’re told to 1) assign everyone a role, 2) practice emergency drills, 3) take advantage of power outage as a chance to communicate, 4) emphasize togetherness and unity and 5) take pictures to document the experience.

Why not use this time to get crafty, like Kindermusik kid, Stella, and her mom pictured above? These Star Stewards upcycled Stella’s old baby clothes by sewing them together to make a patchwork skirt. The skirt features a t-shirt from one of the child’s favorite bands, Elephant Revival, which was her first live concert when she was just eight weeks old! — She was born to love music!

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Kindermusik Green - Sustainability

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