Kids Say:

Baby with instrument“Music class is the best part of being a kid.” ~ Marcus

“I love to play my glockenspiel.” ~ Olivia

“I love Ms. Karen and to play all the instruments.” ~ Jake

“It makes my brain bigger.” ~John

“All my friends are there :) ” ~ Alicia

“I like all the things we do. I like everything at Kindermusik” ~ Morgan

Parents Say

Baby with Feathers book“When I went to a trial of Kindermusik I thought I was going to a singing class. It is so much more. Children learn to share, listen, express themselves and they don’t even know they are learning. They have so much fun and for my daughter, it increased her confidence 10 fold. Thank you Kindermusik.” – Louise T.

“We have recently begun Kindermusik classes for our 21 month old son to help with his speech development.  He is a little delayed with his speech compared to other kids in his PK1 class, but loves music and dances alot.  Within our first month, we are already noticing that he seems to be “babbling” more and along to the songs that we are playing from the at home materials.  He is also picking up the some of the signs that are being taught by his teacher Ms. Desi (especially the sign for ‘stop’)!  I also really enjoy the opportunity to spend time with him and participate in the activities because I feel we are deepening our bond and it makes me feel really connected to what is going on his little mind.” –Tammy V.

Preschooler with Kindermusik@Home

“We looked for a long time for an activity that our 2 year old  Mirea would enjoy doing and at the same time teach her something great,  like most importantly, English. I stumbled upon a Kindermusik sign one day and we loved it! Mirea applied herself during the lessons and continually learned more and more. It was fun to hear her sing in English, with greater clarity, and do the  movements associated to the words and objects. We were moved by the pleasure she got out of figuring out new sounds….We will certainly continue this  experience, confident that it will open many doors for her small receptive mind in the future.” Paola P.

“I love kindermusik because it is a place where my children and I can escape. We move our body, we play some instruments and make noise to a melody!!! It is a time to teach and a time to play with no judgement and no ‘rules.’” –Laura P.

“We love Kindermusik because of how inclusive their classrooms are! My daughter is 3 years old and is autistic. The teachers at Kindermusik have gone above and beyond to make sure that we were comfortable in the class and always email us to see what they can do to help our daughter feel more included. My daughter has gone from being nonverbal to singing and participating in class, which is a huge change compared to when we started a year ago with Kindermusik. We are forever grateful to have found such an accepting program that truly values every child that walks in the door. Thank you Kindermusik for making my daughter smile every week!” –Jessica R.

Boy playing glockenspiel“I love that I can share the joy of music with my sons of different ages, in a relaxed and warm environment. The first time my youngest son sang the ‘Goodbye’ song to me at home made me realize just how  much they really do absorb in class!” –Lindsay J.

“We love Kindermusik because it’s ‘our thing,’ special time together for me and my daughter.  As a full-time working mom, our Saturdays at Kindermusik are precious and have only strengthened our bond. We now have another little one in our family, so we’ve expanded this special time to the 3 of us.  I recommend Kindermusik to everyone I know with young children. It is the best money spent because the lessons last forever!” –Elizabeth O.

“Kindermusik started out as a way for our family to bond and a place for my daughters to express themselves long before they had words to communicate. Now it is a place for us to be silly, meet new families, and make lots of music together. We love Kindermusik!” –Emily R.


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