Bedtime is a monumental moment to a baby or toddler, a time of transition in which parents hold nearly shamanistic power to tame the forces of darkness. – Meg Cox, The Heart of A Family, p. 213.

Kindermusik And Your Child - Bedtime Rituals and RoutinesIn a Kindermusik class, we have some very special rituals we include in every class.  That’s because young children thrive on the love and comfort of favorite rituals.  At home, bedtime provides a special time of connection for parent and child. As children grow, it can also become a very special time for parents to stay connected and in touch with what is really going on in their children’s lives.

Bedtime Ritual Ideas You Can Share with Your Children

  • Reading
  • Listening to crickets
  • Inventing stories
  • Singing
  • Going through a specific bedtime routine (get a drink, change diapers/get a drink, kiss & hug, turn out the light)
  • Infant massage, back scratches, and foot rubs

Bedtime Books for Kids

Our Kindermusik Village class for babies has a unit called Dream Pillow which includes a great story for little ones to read with their parents as they wind down the day.  Having home materials to help reinforce the the rituals and routines learned in class is great for babies development – and even fun for parents!

Music Class for Babies - Kindermusik Village, Dream Pillow

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Compiled by Theresa Case, whose Kindermusik program at Piano Central Studios in Greenville, SC, is proudly among the top 1% of Kindermusik programs worldwide.

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