Kindermusik songs, videos, and activities available anywhere and everywhere!

Wow wow wow!!!! Just stumbled upon the mobile site for and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! Music right from my iPhone! Gorgeous eBook right from the site without having to download any of it from my desktop! Woohoo! Dinner out tonight with my kids is going to be a Kindermusik kind of night, good thing we have two phones! THANK YOU!!!!!
~Amy Kirk, Kindermusik Educator in Stockton, CA

Indeed, you can now take Kindermusik with you everywhere and anywhere! You can listen to the music streamed from your Smartphone or tablet device directly to your ears and delight! And, because our @Home learning platform is Web-based and NOT an app, you can access our music from any phone, including iPhones, iPods, Droids, iPads, Kindles, and any device that allows for Internet browsing!

Mobile Digita lLearning Activities for Kids

Mobile @Home Platform

Each month, parents enrolled in our new Kindermusik curricula will receive a NEW streaming music album with 15 to 20 songs. Also, each month, you will receive a new eBook story to share with your child along with a fun assortment of multimedia activities for kids and families, videos and video field trips, crafts, recipes, and more!

Kindermusik Songs & Learning Activities on iPad

Tablet @Home Platform

We encourage parents to use these educational activities to extend the magic and learning of your Kindermusik classroom into the home. As educators, we also respect the need to limit children’s screen time and have chosen digital because it is easily accessible and delivered via sustainable means, but have designed the learning activities with your child’s best interests in mind. The purpose of these activities is to provide suggestions for parent/child fun that can be done with the prompt of a screen and taken offline. See below for our extended notes on screen time.

When used together, the Kindermusik class and @Home experience is a fun, active, and engaging multi-sensory workout for your young learner. The best part is that month after month, you’ll receive brand-new content and a new Kindermusik album and you will always have access to the prior months activities, eBooks, and music as long as you are enrolled!

Remember, there are certain things mobile devices cannot do. They do not download. To actually download the music, story or download activities, you will need to download the files from your login on your computer.

To get access to this amazing digital platform, reach out to your local Kindermusik educator!


Our family has rules about screen time. How can we use these materials?

Kindermusik International knows and respects that each family gets to decide what’s best for them when it comes to this issue. In creating this digital resource, Kindermusik has read about and researched this topic thoroughly. We have aligned our stance with that of the highly respected NAEYC and the Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning, recognizing that children can benefit from a responsible and age-appropriate use of technology in combination with hands-on experiences and in partnership with an actively involved caregiver. We are proud to bring these high-quality materials to your family which truly embody the very best of both worlds- a responsible introduction to technology and sustainability AND lots of hands-on, movement-rich, in-your-lap, down-on-the-floor learning.

These educational activities for kids are designed for you and your child to use cooperatively, engaging with one another as you read, watch, discuss, and discover. Most of the videos are less than 2 minutes in length. The book can be used as an e-book or can be printed from the Download Center and enjoyed traditionally. Activities can be printed from the Download Center and enjoyed over and over again. Parents can read, watch, and learn about the latest research in early childhood education and their child’s development. They are truly a rich and exciting tool that’s now available to you anytime and anywhere!


Note: We are still working on implementing the audio recording for the eBook story for mobile and tablet devices. Currently, the story is there and can be read by Mom or Dad, but the audio is only available at this time by accessing on a computer. Luckily, a simple eBook still helps improve young learners’ reading and literacy skills!

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