Thank you Veterans and military families

around the world that serve our countries. Kindermusik is proud to Kindermusik is Military Family Friendlyhave experienced educators teaching kids and supporting military families world-wide.

Success Stories from Military Spouses Teaching Kindermusik

Alana Wideman – Kindermusik Educator, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

“My personal mission is to promote the maintenance of healthy family relationships, something that is difficult to achieve in a military lifestyle. I am a former military spouse of 17 years who endured 8 long and emotionally draining deployments, a former Kindermusik mom (15 years ago!), and now I teach with my 2 toddlers in my class.

My studio program here at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri consists of 100% military families. I have made a special focus to serve my military kin due to the deployable nature of our military. Speaking from personal experience, as well as through observance, there is so much stress in a home where a parent comes and goes so often. Typically, it is the mom who is thrust into being a single parent, and several things occur emotionally (ie depression) with the stay at home mom because of this. Not only does she deal with the additional household responsibilities, she must parent alone.

Recently, a military wife, whose soldier is constantly busy with military school (he is seldom available as an active family member) here on post, told me that Kindermusik gave her a reason to get up and out of the house each week. She found Kindermusik helpful in building her support network and allowed her to reconnect with her child every week. There is so much power in joy and laughter, creative expression, modeling and watching your children do as you do, and celebrating those moments with other moms who understand the ups and downs of the military life.

Those “warm fuzzies” helps time pass quicker as they look forward to getting out of the house each week. I have watched moms bond in class with each other and express their excitement of their soldier coming home. I have had dads who are on R&R (rest and relaxation) take the time to come to class and experience what their wives and children have been up to in their absence.

I truly believe, and have observed in my classroom, that Kindermusik is THE best medicine to beat those deployment and FTX (field training exercise) blues. I get to see hearts heal, connect, and sing every week…it really can’t get much better than that.”

Thank you Alana for sharing your experience and touching the lives of those that support us everyday!

Please share your story (by commenting below) and let the world know how Kindermusik supports military families in your community!

If you are a military spouse who loves kids and music,  we invite you to explore the opportunity of a rewarding career that can be flexible with a military lifestyle. Teach Kindermusik.

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