It’s easy to think about taking pictures or making scrapbooks about “important” days like holidays or birthdays.  But even the ordinary days can transform into extra special memories with an easy homemade book that marks the momentous occasion of “savor-this-moment.”

Follow these easy instructions to make – and enjoy! – this simple together time craft.

Make a Today BookAnd if the warm fuzzies and happy moments that you’ll have from making a memory book with your child aren’t enough, we thought we’d share another wonderful benefit of making a Today Book.

One important pre-literacy skill is called “Concepts of Print.” Simply put, it means that before children can learn to read, they need to understand what a book is and how it works—which way to hold it, which direction their written language goes (left-to-right, top-to-bottom, or right-to-left), and that print carries meaning.  Making a book is a terrific way to develop this valuable pre-literacy skill that will put your child on the path to reading.

Oh, and we’re pretty sure you’ll love the cuddles and hugs that are sure to occur when you read and re-read your Today Book with your child!

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