It’s always great to have some physical activities for kids that you can pull out of your pocket, so to speak, and enjoy together.  And in our opinion, one of the best activities is combining music and movement!

Experts tell us that movement is key to learning.  That’s why movement is so foundational to our Kindermusik classes.  But movement, especially with music, can also be the key to your sanity, especially on a cold, rainy, stuck-in-the-house day.  To help you out with a little fresh inspiration, here are a few of our favorite Kindermusik movement activities for kids:

little girl dancingFinger plays and toe wiggles – These are the smallest of all movements, but they can be lots of fun!  Think “Eency Weency Spider” or “This Little Piggy.”

Free dance – Just turn on some music and dance to your heart’s content.  Hint: Have a playlist of several songs to prolong the enjoyment.

Moving with a prop – Grab a scarf and bounce, twirl, or swish to the music.  You can also try it with a stuffed animal too.

Rocking – Rocking can be more calming or more active, depending your mood and the kind of music you choose.

Choreographed movement – Preschoolers and big kids can really get their creative juices flowing if they get to decide what steps go with what parts of the song.  Forward-and-back, side-to-side, ’round and around, zig-zagging, and more!

Try A Free Kindermusik ClassKindermusik is the world’s leader in music and movement classes for young children.  Come sing, sway, dance, and play with us at a free preview class today!

Written by Theresa Case, whose Kindermusik program at Piano Central Studios in beautiful Upstate South Carolina is proudly among the top 1% in the world.

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