Kindermusik Green - SustainabilityBy mid January, we’ve reached the tender time in New Year’s resolution making when our December 31st proclamations are either set to become a reality, or they’re fading into the holiday’s festive ghost.

2012 was a significant year for KI Green, most notably because:

  • We sold approximately 12,000 digital home material credits, eliminating the printing and shipping costs of nearly 3,000 home material kits per semester (4 months), which included books, CD’s, instruments, and packaging.
  • Through our Smart Wood Fund, we contributed $2,400 to the World Wildlife Fund’s mahogany protection program in 2012. We gave much more than our goal of $0.20 per dulcimer product established in our 2011 Sustainability report – we ended up donating $1 per dulcimer sold. We will continue to contribute $1 per dulcimer sold in 2013.
  • We engaged nearly 80 Kindermusik parents and educators through contest submissions for our Green Competition to celebrate the powerful efforts our community is contributing to save the planet. We want to double that number in 2013.

Photo Credit: Planet Forward

We’re proud of our achievements. But we can always be better. We were pleased to read Newsweek’s Top 10 Greenest Companies list and find many of these award-winning practices in play, on a smaller but powerful level, at Kindermusik – working remotely, going paperless, reducing company waste and recycling old products. These companies inspire us, but we are hungry to be challenged by our own community.

How can we be better in 2013? What resolutions do YOU have for KI Green? Comment below, or share on Facebook!


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