We’ve all done it—cleaned out our closets; let big bags of old clothes sit by the door for weeks at a time, waiting for the fabled “perfect Saturday morning” to take the bag to Goodwill, shirking our instinct to effortlessly toss the unseemly bags into the backyard

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barrels. Then you decide to host a dinner party, and the company comes and you’re left with no choice but to quickly toss the bulging bags before anyone can see. There’s always next season, right?

Donating clothes seems like such an easy way to recycle – yet Americans throw away 12 million tons of textiles each year. Only 25% of that is recycled as second-hand clothing. This in mind, we challenge you to stick to your guns as spring cleaning (not too far off in the distance!) begins. When you donate clothes, unusable material is often converted into industrial rags or sound-dampening material. Not only are you providing usable clothes for families in need—you’re upcycling ratty material for industrial use. And, in the even bigger picture, you’re fostering a more sustainable economy. Goodwill hires a new employee (at their company and at partner companies) every 38 seconds of every business day.

Call your local Goodwill and make this Saturday the perfect Saturday for a field trip. The whole family can help, and get breakfast afterwards.

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