Attention shoppers! Allow us to help you kill two birds with one post… here’s a certifiable tool to find a local, organic turkey near you. We are what we eat – and the short-term cost of feeding your loved ones a marginally more expensive, organically fed, hormone-free bird far outweighs the long-term risks of hormone toxicity.

Kindermusik Green - SustainabilityOkay, phew. Let’s eat thankful turkeys. And speaking of being thankful, Thanksgiving is a great time to sit back and reflect on your family values– what you’re grateful for, and how expressing your gratitude instigates positive change. Countless studies have shown the powerful impact of gratitude on personal mental health—humans build deeper, more mutually beneficial relationships with people when they express gratitude towards one another. This effect is amplified when gratitude is expressed over time, and through written forms of communication (ah, those naggy thank-you notes ARE worth it!). We think the confidence and mindfulness stemming from gratitude might even make individuals more successful in the classroom, in careers, and as creative inventors and thinkers. And, not surprisingly, as environmental stewards.

What aspect of the environment are YOU and YOUR family thankful for? Holiday hikes? Backyard gardening time? Trips to the local compost center?

WIN 50 free Kindermusik songs & $100 donation to your favorite charity by sharing your family’s Green/Sustainability/Eco efforts by 12/07/12.

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