We Love Kindermusik Contest Winners!

**CONTEST WINNERS** Upper: Cathy Siebert (Owner/Educator), Cheryl Bruemmer (Educator) Lower: Geoff, Kate, & Lukas Schwerzler

Drumroll, please! After receiving an unbelievable 2,114 valid entries, we are so pleased to announce the winner of the first We Love Kindermusik Contest as The {super adorable} Schwerzler Family of the Kindermusik Cathy Siebert, LLC Studio, also a winner!

Kate Schwerzler’s randomly selected, winning entry was:

We love Kindermusik because it is instilling the love of music in our child at a young age! He is learning beat, friendship, songs and more. We see him at home playing with instruments and loving everything there is to love about music!

Studio-owner, Cathy Siebert, has known Kate {the Mom of the family} since she was in 2nd grade and took piano lessons in Cincinnati, Ohio, back in the early nineties. She says, “It’s been fun seeing her grow up. I happened to reconnect with her on Facebook and enjoyed “seeing” her get married, become pregnant and meeting Lukas. Lukas began taking Kindermusik in January and we are so happy to have the family in our program!”

Winning the We Love Kindermusik contest was particularly exciting this year because Cathy Siebert is celebrating her 25th year of being a Kindermusik educator!

On why she loves Kindermusik, Cathy said, “I have enjoyed being a part of so many family’s lives for so many years. One former Kindermusik graduate is a Rhodes scholar (in music composition), another just returned from the Peace Corps, one is an art educator and two former students just graduated with degrees in Music Education! Working with a child until they match pitch or seeing their compositions in Young Child still makes teaching Kindermusik a joy!”

Mom, Kate, was very excited to win and REALLY loves Kindermusik now! ;) She thinks her sweet boy will love Kindermusik @Home and she can’t wait to see how much he learns!

Congratulations to the SchwerzlerFamily and the Kindermusik Cathy Siebert, LLC studio!

The Schwerzler’s won:

  • A new iPad
  • A full year access to Kindermusik@Home, our digital learning platform
  • $500 to charity of choice

*The charity the Schwerzler chose to receive this donation is the Valley View Foundation. It is a fantastic nature preserve attached to Pattison Elementary School, where Mom Kate works (and uses the nature preserve in many of her students’ lessons)! The donation is in honor of principal, Mr. Gregg Curless. He is retiring this year and he has a great love of nature (and music!).

The Kindermusik Cathy Siebert, LLC Studio won:

  • A new iPad
  • $500 of digital home materials credits

We want to thank you ALL for taking the time to spread the Kindermusik love this year.

Here are some great contest entries we’d like to share!

We Love Kindermusik

Kindermusik has changed our lives and along with music came many lifelong friendships for me and my children. I am such a true believer in music shaping a child’s brain, Kindermusik is one of those things…I could not imagine our life without.

We love Kindermusik because it’s “our thing,” special time together for me and my daughter. I recommend Kindermusik to everyone I know with young children. It is the best money spent because the lessons last forever!

We love Kindermusik because of how inclusive their classrooms are! My daughter is 3 years old and is autistic. The teachers at Kindermusik have gone above and beyond to make sure that we were comfortable in the class and always email us to see what they can do to help our daughter feel more included. My daughter has gone from being non verbal to singing and participating in class, which is a huge change compared to when we started a year ago with Kindermusik. We are forever grateful to have found such an accepting program that truly values every child that walks in the door. Thank you Kindermusik for making my daughter smile every week!

Kindermusik has many valuable aspects – music, play, socialization, child and parent interaction, singing and make believe. It is a happy time in the week that is fun for the whole family.

I love Kindermusik because it’s a wonderful way to allow my daughter to interact with other kids in a fun, safe, and educational environment. I love to watch her blossom.

My son, Tyler (2), and I started taking kindermusik classes last winter, when he was just a year old. Tyler, who was born with Down syndrome, has grown and learned so much over the last year because of this class. At first, he’d just sit and watch all the other children, while swaying to the music. As time has gone by, he’s become much more engaged and interactive with other children, which has been amazing, as his parent, to watch. Other moms now joke with me that he could be running the class. He loves to scoot into the middle of the circle and he watches everything Ms. Peggy does, often mimic-ing her. He loves all the instruments and he loves music so much. He’s also using a tremendous amount of sign language signs throughout the class, so his communication is so much better. I’ve witnesses so much growth since we’ve started these classes. The socialization alone, with other children who are both typically developing and who have special needs, has been invaluable.

Kindermusik is a chance for my son to learn and explore through movement and music. It awakens his senses, teaches him life valuable skills, and provides bonding time for the two of us. He is so happy when he is in Kindermusik class!

When I went to a trial of Kindermusik I thought I was going to a singing class. It is so much more. Children learn to share, listen, express themselves and they don’t even know they are learning. They have so much fun and for my daughter, it increased her confidence 10 fold. Thank you Kindermusik.

Have a LOVELY & MUSICAL day!

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