What’s the best way to start off “We Love Kindermusik” week? With free music, an audio book, and a coloring sheet, of course!

We Love Kindermusik – Album Download (with audio story!)

TLC album coverTo help celebrate We Love Kindermusik week, we are giving away a free download of the entire album “TLC: Grow with Me” at play.Kindermusik.com. To download, click the link and then select the orange download button. If you’re new to the site, you may need to register to receive the free album, as all our song downloads do require a login. (Don’t worry, we don’t use your information on anything. This login feature is designed for those enrolled in Kindermusik classes to access their digital materials). Upon login, you should be able to quickly download the album to your computer. Extra bonus: The album also includes an audio story!

#KindermusikMovesMe – Coloring Page and Traceable

After you download the “TLC: Grow with Me” album, download the #KindermusikMovesMe coloring page and traceable. Then, listen to the music together while creating some art!

Download Kindermusik Makes My Heart Sing Coloring Sheet

#KindermusikMovesMe Coloring Sheet

Download the Kindermusik Makes My Heart Sing Traceable Sheet.

#KindermusikMovesMe Traceable Sheet

Check with your local Kindermusik Educator to see if they are hosting a coloring page giveaway or contest. You can also post to social media with the hashtag #KindermusikMovesMe!

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