(Source: makingmulticulturalmusic.wordpress.com/)

(Source: makingmulticulturalmusic.wordpress.com/)

This time of year we all seem to be on the lookout for family activities and fun things for kids to do. After all, with the holiday season upon us who doesn’t need ideas for activities for 2 year olds, 3 year olds, or the whole family? Let’s be honest, though. It probably never hurts to have a few extra ideas for fun things for kids to do—at any time of the year.

So, we pulled together a few ideas from Pinterest that we thought the rest of the Kindermusik community would enjoy. These family activities are not only fun but they also include the added benefit of teaching sustainability for kids. Go ahead and pin this post and consider it like that extra change of clothes for your children you always keep in the car—you might need them today or next week—but you know you will need them!

5 family activities that support the environment for kids

  1. 14 world instruments that can be made from recycled materials.  Looking for something to do with that roasting pan? Try transforming it into a gong.  Instead of taking that old cardboard box or milk container to the recycle bin, let your child use it for a drum or a shaker.
  2. Go on a nature scavenger hunt. Playing outside and noticing the world around us teaches young children about the importance of caring for our planet. Try this nature scavenger hunt with the whole family. The pictures make it easy even for non-readers to join in on the fun.
  3. Make a Ball Maze from recycled materials  Paper towel and toiler paper tubs can work for this fun activity for kids. To extend the activity, you can even encourage your children to decorate the tubes with paint or crayons.
  4. Turn artwork into, well, artwork. Put on music from Kindermusik class, give your children white paper and crayons, and encourage them to draw what they hear. Then, use this blogger’s idea to turn their artwork into something new.
  5. Read about the earth. Sometimes a trip to the library can be just the adventure a baby, toddler, or preschooler needs. While there, grab a few of these books about the earth and snuggle up to read together.

Did you like these ideas for fun things for kids to do? Then try: 5 ideas to involve the whole family in being green. It feels good to be prepared with creative family activities and take care of the environment for kids at the same time!


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