mom and baby enjoying KindermusikIn a recent post, we highlighted some of the components of “The Parent Test,” that mostly unwritten list of criteria against which parents evaluate the worth and value of many of the activities, toys, and experiences we choose for our children.  We made a pretty bold claim that Kindermusik is one of the best and most reliable answers to ALL of the questions that we identified on The Parent Test.  Here’s why we so enthusiastically and confidently make that claim…

Kindermusik has a proven track record.

We are the original music and movement program.  Over the last 30+ years, Kindermusik International has been relentless in its pursuit to be on the cutting edge of early childhood education through the vehicle of music and movement, continually incorporating the latest and best research, training licensed educators, and publishing exceptional Home Materials, now available digitally.

Kindermusik parents say so.

“I’ve learned how to be a better parent and teacher to my children.  With Kindermusik, there’s a reason for everything we do in class – everything is a building block.  The best part is we are told how it all fits together.” – Jill C., Kindermusik mom.

In fact, when surveyed, 99% of parents who responded said that they would recommend the Kindermusik program to other parents.

Kindermusik activities benefit your child in every way.

Your child’s development is completely integrated.  However, the areas of growth or development of your child can be divided into these major categories:  Language, Cognitive, Emotional, Physical, Social, and Musical.  Here are just some of the ways that the Kindermusik experience enhances each of these areas:

Language: Through songs, chants, and stories, Kindermusik encourages early communication, speech, labeling, rhyming, and emergent literacy – all of which contribute to your child’s language development.


Cognitive: Kindermusik inspires your child’s learning, problem-solving, memory, ability to follow directions, think creatively, and sequence.


Emotional: Kindermusik gives your child a safe place to express feelings, build relationships with you and with others, learn appropriate behaviors, be secure, and form healthy emotional attachments.


Physical: From birth on, your growing child needs to be enabled to move and to develop skills like body awareness, balance, coordination, and spatial awareness.  The combination of music and movement in our Kindermusik classes are perfect for your child’s physical development.


Social: Because Kindermusik is a group class experience, your child will learn the value of play and friendship as he or she practices the life skills of turn-taking, sharing, and interacting with others.  You’ll make some great friends along the way yourself too!


Musical: Music and movement are the core of the Kindermusik experience.  Your child’s love and understanding of music is developed right from the very start through singing, playing instruments, and listening as we introduce the fundamental musical concepts of patterns, rhythm, and melody.


FamilyMusicClassesForKids_KindermusikInternational_BannerCome experience Kindermusik for yourself and see first-hand how Kindermusik passes the Parent Test at a FREE preview class.


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