Graphic_Facebook-Creative_Kindermusik-Teacher-Quote_472x394-472x394Making music, enjoying music, and learning through music all have a profound impact on a child, even before he or she is born.  Mothers have known this instinctively. Teachers have always drawn on the benefits of music.  Research and new technology continues to confirm it over and over again.

That’s why for over 30 years, Kindermusik International has not only been recognized as being the world’s leader in music and movement curricula, but also for the way they support and facilitate the professional development of their educators.

With a mission to “change the world through music, one child and one family at a time,” Kindermusik International is understandably very passionate about doing everything possible to ensure that every child experiences the joy of music.

And if we lived in that perfect world, every child would learn music:

  • From an early age when the window of opportunity and benefit is open widest
  • From parents who are a child’s first and best teacher
  • From teachers who are well-paid, well-trained, and highly respected for their expertise and caring
  • In schools where music is considered as equally as important as math and reading
  • In classrooms where there are plenty of interactive, hands-on learning opportunities
  • In a learning environment that supports the unique learning styles and abilities of each individual child
  • With teachers and parents working closely together, in class and at home, to facilitate the richest and most impactful music learning experience possible

At Kindermusik, we want to continue to help create this perfect world.  Learn more about how we support the professional development of our Kindermusik educators.

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