At certain times of the year, I find myself reflecting back on what it is that I love so much about teaching music, and specifically, teaching Kindermusik.  Little did I know the beautiful journey that would unfold for me professionally or the countless precious memories that I would come to treasure when I taught my first class way back in 1994.

Photo by Hal Cook, 2014, taken at Piano Central, Greenville, SC.

So why do I teach Kindermusik?  There are literally thousands of reasons – most of whom are under 3 feet tall, have adorable smiles, and have quite stolen my heart.  But if I had to pick a few highlights, these would be the some of my favorites.

I teach Kindermusik because I…

  • Get to be a part of helping parents linger in the moments of experiencing a music class with their children and making musical memories that knit their hearts together.
  • Get to share in the happy celebration with all the other parents when a little one takes his first wobbly steps or says his first word in class.
  • Get to swallow the lump in my throat when I hear a little voice singing parts of our Hello song with me for the first time.
  • Get to be a proud onlooker as a parent and child discover at least 10 different ways to play the rhythm sticks – together.
  • Get to smile right back with a preschooler who is just beaming with pride over raising his hand to share his best idea for singing a song.
  • Get to hold my breath in delight as a big kid confidently plays the notes of his first composition on the glockenspiel.
  • Get the best hugs from little children whose love for music and their music teacher sweetly overflows after each and every class.
  • Have had a front-row seat to see Kindermusik babies graduate from the Kindermusik program, continue on in music lessons, and grow up to have a life-long love and aptitude for music.
  • Have the deeply fulfilling satisfaction of knowing that the world will be a better place because of the song my Kindermusik kids will have in their hearts forever.

And so, if you don’t mind, I think I’ll keep teaching Kindermusik for another 20 years or so… probably until my knees give out and I no longer have a voice.

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Contributed by Theresa Case who has loved every minute of teaching Kindermusik and running an award-winning Kindermusik program in Greenville, South Carolina for over 20 years now

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