Kindermusik Green - SustainabilityAttention, stewards! Kindermusik is launching its first official Star Steward Competition to illuminate outstanding sustainability efforts in the Kindermusik community!

If you, your child, or someone close to you has taken on an active environmental leadership role, tell us for a chance to have your story and project shared on Minds on Music.

Winners will gain community support, visibility, and feedback from Kindermusik Green on ways to amplify your project…

50 FREE Songs from! AND…

$100 donation to a “green” or “sustainable” charity of your choice from Kindermusik International.

Some award-winning efforts might include:

  • Community Building. Maybe you started a class project or club, community garden, fundraiser, or volunteer activity that got five, ten—or a hundred people involved.
  • Inventing. Musicians are also great innovators and inventors. Maybe you built a rain water retention system, using a barrel and gutter system, a compost bin, or a bird feeder.
  • Activism. With the elections around the corner, maybe you’ve gone grassroots! Have you canvassed, given a speech, or stood up for an environmental cause you support?

Feeling inspired by our list? It’s not too late to START a project, and tell us what you’ll finish. Submit your story (video, pictures, writing, art, etc.) via the Comments section below.

Contest Submissions are due by November 11th, 2012.

You have a month to do something great!

Kindermusik Star Steward

This Kindermusik Star Steward from the Young Child program uses his kitchen scraps to create compost, an organic fertilizer free of chemicals and pesticides. This provides dirt and fertilizer for his family's garden plants to grow!

Green Sustainable Fun for Kids

After creating compost, this Steward goes green by growing his own food in his garden each summer! By having a garden and using natural organic fertilizer like compost, he helps his Mom & Dad save money on grocery bills and eliminates toxic chemicals and pesticides from his family's food. How fruitful!

Competition Rules

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