Source- Latino Briefs Digest

Source: Latino Briefs Digest

English Language Learners comprise an increasingly larger number of students enrolled in public schools in the United States. One study shows a 50 percent increase in the number of ELL students over the past 10 years. This changing face (and language) of the average student in the United States brings new challenges and opportunities for teachers as they balance the implementation of Common Core State Standards with the needs of English Language Learners.

While even veteran teachers receive on-the-job training each day in the classroom, an investment in professional development for teachers can better equip educators and students for measurable success. A study published in the Literacy Research and Instruction journal examined how professional development for teachers affected the reading abilities of ELLs in elementary school classrooms.

Link between professional development for teachers and the reading abilities of English Language Learners

In this study, the research team wanted to examine the correlation among professional development for teachers, classroom implementation of the training, and ELL students’ achievement in reading. Over the course of 18 months, 23 elementary classroom teachers participated in the study. The teachers ranged in experience from early career to veteran teachers. One group received on-going training on using the Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol, an approach to teaching English Language Learners. The control group did not receive training in this model. The researchers found evidence that English Language Learners showed greater reading abilities when taught by teachers who received the professional development. The researchers suggest that additional studies be conducted to further unpack their initial findings.

Other research shows that teacher training can be key to classroom success for all students, not just English Language Learners, and can increase teacher job satisfaction.

Early childhood professional development for teachers of English Language Learners

ABC Music & Me uses music to teach early literacy and language development to young children and engage families in their children’s education. The research-based curriculum aligns with state standards, including the Common Core, and can be especially beneficial for English Language Learners.

At ABC Music & Me, our commitment to early childhood education extends beyond the creation of easy-to-teach literacy and language curriculum. Our ELL curriculum includes a combination of on-site training, DVD teaching models, and an online teacher resource website. In addition to our “English Language Learners Strategies Guide” that provides unit-by-unit, lesson-by-lesson tips, ABC Music & Me includes materials (available in English and Spanish) for families to use together at home.

To learn more about how ABC Music & Me can be used in your classroom, school, or district with English Language Learners, contact us at

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